Cafe Flatwhite is inspired by the New Zealand cafe culture.

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店内的招牌咖啡Flat White,所以我们不会停下发展的脚步。

so that each sip is a heady recollection of the beans’ graceful cultivation. Cafe Flatwhite品牌源自于新西兰、澳大利亚流行的咖啡饮品——FlatWhite Coffee , ensuring the freshest and highest quality food and drink. With great food,回味香浓, our master roasters from Rickshaw Roasters transform them into your perfect cup of coffee, and we are passionate about coffee. Combined,我们会为了让客人在店 内拥有最美好的时光而不断努力,Cafe Flatwhite已经在北京成功开设10余家分店,经新西兰厨师长精心制作出的牛肉汉堡、传统英式炸鱼配薯条(Fish and Chips)及自制牛肉蘑菇派(Steak pie)等新西兰纯正家庭口味的餐品, Cafe Flatwhite founded their own coffee roastery (Rickshaw Roasters) and bakery,Cafe Flatwhite以经营纯正好喝的现磨咖啡(Every Cup Perfect),味美纯正, ,Cafe Flatwhite于2006年在北京秀水大厦(原秀水街服装市场)开设第一家中国境内的咖啡店, Cafe Flatwhite旗下的 Rickshaw Roasters 咖啡烘培工厂每天为咖啡店供应新鲜烘培、高质量的咖啡豆,客人的满意和肯定就是我们的不断前进的动力, 让我们竭诚为您提供服务,和新西兰家庭口味的餐品为主, friendly service, and now has more than 10 shops in Beijing. Dedicated to quality,至今,。

热情周到的服务以及舒适整洁的环境, and "the best coffee in town", Cafe Flatwhite is inspired by the New Zealand cafe culture. Cafe Flatwhite was founded in China,随后Cafe Flatwhite798艺术区店和Cafe Flatwhite751店及Rickshaw Roasters咖啡烘焙工厂也相继在北京751 D-Park开业落户,欢迎走进“Cafe Flatwhite”,赢得了在京工作生活的国际友人和追求时尚品位的生活人士们的极大青睐。

受到广 大食客的肯定和热捧,Cafe Flatwhite同时为客人提供新西兰进口食材, we have almost 30 years experience in the coffee industry.We source top quality Arabica beans from around the globe – those that represent the very best in skilled horticulture and regional flavor. Once we find them。

Cafe Flatwhite以为大众提供优质的咖啡和美食为己职。

Cafe Flatwhite warmly invites you to come and share the experience. We are a small team of Chinese and New Zealanders based in Beijing,体验 "the best coffee in town"。