On August 20, 2011, The entire First Act of The Father Of Songs was first performed as a sing-through at the Roy Arias Off-Broadway Theatre in New York City. The cast and crew were as follows.

Creative Team:

Directed by:
Musical Director:
Tom Evans and Tom Slot
Jessica Slotwinski


Richard Chagnon Blaine
Stephanie Haring Elysia
Bill Bria Remy
Stacy Davidowitz Vanessa
Lindsey Larkin Madison
Paul Caron Graham
Marlene Berner Quentin
David Rapoport Evan
Meredith Rich Lydia
Tom Slot Chase
Kristi Baron Anora
Kelly Vincent Kyle
Matthew Minogue Aaron
Jared Bergen Young Blaine
Jennifer Cusumano Barfly, Dancer
Victoria Graziolli Stage Manager
Maryellen Molfetta Barfly
Claire Nasuti Doctor, Barfly, Dancer, Homeless Woman
Jordan Swisher Steven
Bryant C. Vance Stage Hand, Thug
Victoria Weinberg Taylor
Jonathan Wendt Barfly, Thug


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