The Father Of Songs was first performed as a sing-through on February 26, 2009 at the Schapiro Theater in New York City. The cast, crew, and pit band were as follows.

Creative Team:

Written and Directed by:
Musical Director:
Production Stage Manager:
General Manager:
Tom Slot
Jessica Slotwinski
Amanda Raymond
Erica Ruff


Carly Vernon
Elysia - Carly Vernon
Amy Miller
Vanessa - Amy Miller
Josey Miller
Madison - Josey Miller
Kristi Barron
Anora - Kristi Barron
Bethany Bagley
Lydia - Bethany Bagley
Tom Slot
Blaine - Tom Slot
Shiraz Noor
Remy - Shiraz Noor
Paul Carron
Graham - Paul Caron
Kyle Minshew
Chase - Kyle Minshew
Aaron - Chad Yarborough
Bill Bria
Kyle - Bill Bria
Tom Evans
Quentin - Tom Evans
Chorus - Blaine Pennington
Steven Sun
Chorus - Steven Sun
Chorus - Lindsey Blackhurst
Chorus - Alla Bronskaya
Chorus - Paola Poucel
Chorus - Maryellen Molfetta
Chorus - Claire Nasuti
Robin Singer
Chorus - Robin Singer
Chorus - Amanda Yachechak

Pit Band:
Conductor, Organ       Jessica Slotwinski
Lead Guitar                 David Chidsey
Rhythm Guitar            Chris Longano
Piano                           Jerome Hughes
Bass                            Craig Stanton
Drums                         Salvatore “Sal” A. Mander

The following songs were performed at the sing-through:

1. Last Night                                                                 Company
2. Sing Along Songs                                                     Graham, Aaron, Blaine, Chase, Remy
3. It's Not You It's Him                                                 Chase, Madison, Blaine, Remy
4. Shut Off The Noise (Remy, Please Don't)                Vanessa, Remy, Company
5. Inconsequential                                                         Vanessa, Remy, Company
6. So Close                                                                    Quentin, Company
7. Aphrodite Won't Return My Calls                             Blaine, Elysia, Company
8.You Have To Be A Star                                             Lydia, Elysia, Company
9. Hey Graham                                                             Aaron, Graham
10. Through The Din                                                    Madison, Company
11. It’s So Hard To Believe In Hallelujah                     Blaine
12. Rooftops                                                                  Blaine, Elysia
13. Razor Blade Walk Away                                         Kyle
14. This Is Not Goodbye                                               Anora, Chase, Remy, Blaine, Elysia, Company
15.  Bow Music


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