The Father of Songs is a rock opera by Tom Slot. Loosely based on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, it follows the troubled love story of Blaine, a rock guitarist who longs for a different life, and Elysia, a young ingenue of the stage. Set in a gritty underworld overshadowed with abuse, addiction, and seduction, the couple literally prepares to walk through hell to break free of their past. Set to a raucous Rock 'N Roll score that makes the pit band sound like a punk version of The E Street Band, The Father of Songs continues in the musical vein of shows like Rent, American Idiot, and Spring Awakening, while examining the role of love, faith, and belief in the modern age. The Father of songs is currently being developed and produced by Original Binding Productions.


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Blaine and Remy


Here's What The Critics Are Saying:

"A gutsy and solid sound with all the perks including catchy lyrics and intricate guitar work."
-- Erin Riley, Subsonix.com

"Wasy on the ears. It's acoustic driven music with feeling."
-- Laurin Wollan, Music Monthly

The music is just so inspirational.”
– Songcritic.com

"It's fun to watch. Their enthusiasm is contagious. "
-- Mike Perone, Long Island Voice Music Reporter


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